act beautiful

From plant to skin, we are pursuing our commitment to more sustainable beauty.

How? Through our act beautiful program: concrete actions and ambitions for 2030 to make more natural, more responsible beauty accessible to all.

Discover the 10 commitments of our act beautiful program.

act 1

Effective Plant-Based French Cosmetics

  • 100% plant-derived extracts integrated into products with proven effectiveness
  • Over 95% of our products are made in France

Since 1959, we have been inspired by nature and the power of plants

Thanks to our botanical expertise, 100% of our botanical ingredients are integrated into products with proven effectiveness (over 200 tests are carried out every year to guarantee the effectiveness of our products).

The source of our botanical innovation, our Botanical Garden is a real open-air laboratory where more than 5000 plants are cultivated, observed and scientifically studied since its creation in 1975 in La Gacilly.

As a French brand, we have always been committed in keeping most of our production in France, with over 95%* of our cosmetic productsthat are made in France, including 93% in our own factories in Brittany.

act 2

More Natural Formulas Limiting Controversial Ingredients

  • Over 93% of ingredients from natural origin in our care products, with an objective of 96% by 2030.
  • Over 450 ingredients banned from our formulas, exceeding European regulations.

We place naturalness at the heart of our formulas in order to offer quality products that promote the use of ingredients from natural origin, while guaranteeing safety, effectiveness and tolerance.

As a result, our face care products contain an average of + 93% of ingredients from natural origin, and thanks to the continuous improvement of our formulas, we will reach + 96% by 2030, without compromising on effectiveness and sensoriality.

We select our ingredients with the utmost care, assessing their health, environmental and social impact, to keep only the safest, but also to exclude the use of certain ingredients: today, over 450 ingredients are banned from our formulas, exceeding European regulations*.

None of our cosmetic products are tested on animals, since 1989, a full 15 years before the European ban. We have also stopped marketing our products in China, where the authorities can decide, completely unilaterally, to test cosmetics themselves before marketing them on their territory.

act 3

New Plastic-Reducing Beauty Habits

  • 0 plastic waste with our solid cosmetics line.
  • An assortment of entirely recyclable refills made with 4x less plastic*.

We are making plastic reduction a priority.

By 2030, we are committed to reducing our use of plastic by 30%**, using 100% recycled plastic, and developing 100% recyclable packaging..

To meet this challenge, we encourage our consumers to develop new beauty habits.

Together, let's reverse the trend by choosing :

  • our 0 plastic water solid cosmetics;
  • our entirely recyclable refills made with 4x less plastic*.

And all this without compromising the sensoriality and pleasure of using the product.

act 4

Certified Organic Plants Grown Using An Agroecological Approach

  • Our emblematic plants from La Gacilly have been been certified organic since 1999.
  • Our 60 hectares of fields cultivated using an agroecological approach, an agricultural model that helps regenerate soil and biodiversity.

At La Gacilly, our emblematic* plants have been certified organicsince 1999 and our 60 hectares are grown using an agroecological approach, an agricultural model that helps regenerate soil and biodiversity.

This sustainable agricultural model combines the protection of natural resources, enrichment of biodiversity and human interaction on the territory. This complete approach allows us to endlessly innovate and explore new cultivation methods in cooperation with partnes farmers. As so, shady hedgerows, crop rotations and ground covers are an integral part of agroecology because they promote biodiversity by maintaining the soil, fauna and flora in good health.

Our ambition is to extend this ethical model to more plants on 110 hectares of cultivation in the La Gacilly ecosystem by 2030.

act 5

More Sustainable Sourcing Of Botanical Ingredients

  • The 1st French brand to get the UEBT certification* for our plants in La Gacilly, a label that guarantees sourcing that is more respectful of humans and biodiversity.
  • Over 150 certified botanical supply sourcescertified by an external organization (Organic Farming, UEBT*, Fair for Life**…).

We work towards ever more sustainable sourcing of our botanical ingredients.

The 1st French brand to get the UEBT certification* for our plants in La Gacilly, a label that guarantees sourcing that is more respectful of humans and biodiversity.

Among our 450 botanical supply chains around the world, more than 150 are already certified by an independent external organization (Organic Farming, UEBT*, Fair for Life**…). We ensure compliance with environmental, economical and social criteriaparticularly strict within supply chains, and our ambition is to have 250+ botanical supply sources by 2030.

act 6

Supporting The Activities Of Our Agricultural Partners

  • Over 7200 partners supported in their farming practices and economic development, in France and around the world.

We support over 7200 partners* in their farming practices and economic development to better prepare the resilience of their businesses, in France and around the world.

Pedagogical actions have been put in place, like knowledge sharing and support to achieve sustainable agricultural methods, , as well as economic diversification actions for producers to have a guaranteed income all year-round. By 2030, we will continue to actively support our partners.

*in 2022

act 7

A More Energy- And Water-Efficient Cosmetics Industry 

  • -32% of carbon emissions in our factories in La Gacilly by the end of 2022, -75% by 2025*.
  • -23% less water used in our factories in La Gacilly by the end of 2022, -30% by 2030**.

At La Gacilly, the brand’s historical territory where our industrial and logistics sites are located, we are aiming for energy sobriety as early as 2025 by reducing our carbon emissions by 75%*. By the end of 2022, we have already reduced these emissions by 32%.

This goes hand in hand with responsible water management at all our industrial sites, by optimizing processes such as tank washing. Today, we have reduced our industrial water consumption by 23%**, with a target of 30% by 2030.

If we take La Gacilly as a model of carbon sobriety, we are aware of the need to pick up the pace and take action act on all our activities. We are therefore working more broadly to reduce our impact on transport, products, our commercial activities, our sites and stores, to achieve -50%* on our direct and indirect emissions by 2030.

*In tons of carbon vs. 2019
**In cubic metres of water per ton of product vs. 2019

act 8

Employees Who Take Action For Nature

From awareness to action:

  • 100% of our employees trained in environmental issues in 2024.
  • By 2030, they will all participate in field work with a local organization for the preservation of nature and plants.

Through a company-wide mobilization program, 100% of our employees are trained in environmental issues and the company’s mission to “reveal, protect and pass on the power of plants”.

Trained in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) challenges and made aware of the importance of protecting plants, our employees take concrete action with local organization so that by 2030, everyone can carry out one action in the field per year to help preserve of nature and plants.

act 9

Support The Actions Of The Yves Rocher Foundation

  • Over 125 million trees planted and protected by the Yves Rocher Foundation in 45 countries, thanks to a partnership of over 30 years..

We support the actions of the Yves Rocher Foundation, thanks to a partnership of over 30 years.

Thanks to this partnership, more than 125 million trees have already been planted and protected in 45 countries in close collaboration with 71 NGOs (non-governmental organizations)..

Convinced of the essential role of trees in combating climate change and the erosion of biodiversity, the Yves Rocher Foundation is pursuing its actions by planting a variety of endemic tree species in all regions: forest, agricultural and even urban. Their goal: to plant and protect 150 million trees by 2030..

act 10

Let's Work Together To Make Everyday Life Greener 

  • Committed to the defense of nature and plants, we are working to set up citizen actions as early as 2025, to enable each and every one of us to take action at our own level.

Our ambition is to bring together a community committed to defending nature and plants by 2030.

At the same time, we’re working on the implementation of citizen actions that will see the light of day as early as 2025, to enable each and every one of us to take action at our own level.