Repairing Anti-pollution - Day Care

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Skin Re-energised throughout the day.

50 ml

The Recovery Sleeping Night Care leaves skin able to breathe, plumped and looks reenergized from the first morning. After just 1 month, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced; skin is fortified and radiant.

Texture: Gel texture

Found in our Botanical Elixir, Micro-Algae and Nasturtium from Bretagne, these two patented* Breton plnt extracts revitalize and detoxify skin**. Ingredients sourced from local Bretagne-based suppliers that respect the biodiversity.

How to use: Apply every evening Take a small dose and apply across the entire face using smoothing movements from the center outwards.


Revitalize and detoxify skin

Nasturtium & Tetraselmis Micro-Algae

Yves Rocher scientists have developed a uniquely effective complex of active ingredients by combining Nasturtium grown using sustainable farming practices on our fields in La Gacilly with a Tetraselmis Micro-Algae extract grown in a photobioreactor in Bretagne, two methods of natural and responsible farming that they have been optimizing and mastering for over 25 years on our land in Bretagne.

Deep within the skin, Micro-Alga and Nasturtium, two patented* Breton plant extracts, revitalize and detoxify skin**. Ingredients sourced from local suppliers that respect the biodiversity.. Better oxygenated, fortified and strengthened, skin is healthy and glowing.

*Registered patent in France
**In vitro tests

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